5 Mildly Interesting Videos about Soldering You Might Want to Watch

Solder with heat gun and solder paste

Most of time, you will use soldering iron and wire solder to do the soldering in the lab. But, when you deal with lots of SMDs, you might want to solder or reflow with the hot air heat gun and solder paste. It is quite interesting to see the surface mount devices get pulled to the right place when the solder melts.

hakko fm2032 hand pieceMicro soldering

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to solder under the microscope? That is micro soldering. Nowadays, portable electronic devices become so compact. It becomes very difficult to swap the electronic components within them. Here is a video from Louis to solder QFN chip under the microscope. Without doubt, microsoldering is an art. Actually, it is fun to watch the chip float to the right place in the sea of flux. On the right, this is the Hakko FM2032 soldering iron hand piece. It is recommended by many micro soldering folks. Please click on it to find it out more product details on Amazon.

Laser soldering

Laser literally can fix anything. Can laser solder? Of course, here are two videos to show laser soldering. The speed and the precision of the laser soldering is just jaw-dropping. See it yourself.



Ultrasonic Soldering Iron

Soldering with ultrasonic is also fun to watch. Most interesting thing is that you can solder copper to glass. Isn’t that amazing? Check it out your self.


One mildly interesting items but not related to soldering

silicone coaster

Tech geeks may like these silicon coasters


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