7 Best Funny Pictures about Electronics to Make You Laugh Hard

Here is a list of funny and interesting pictures I came across on social media with bonuses. Hope you enjoy it. :-)

7. When you forget to bring a cell phone charger

On the display, it says that the output voltage is 5V and the current is 0.5A. That sounds about right. Look like it works. On the 2nd thought though, we may be able to find a way to trick the phone into fast charging mode. Of course, current limit function will be nice to have. Maybe.. Sorry. A bit carried away.

* Caution: unless you know what you are doing, do not try this at home or work.

6. An intern without proper guidance

solder_wireYou go out for a cup of coffee and ask your intern to help with some soldering work. Come back. You see this. I do not know if this is real or not. Maybe, he or she was using the solder spool as a soldering iron rest. Maybe. I just do not know.

Bonus: not really related to this post. But, hey.. Here is a funny product solder on Amazon. The UFO detector. Not sure how this product works. Does it really work?!


ufo detector

UFO detector sold at Amazon


5. A new kind of FET MOS

Look, you have JFET, MOSFET, and also BOBAFET. As a star war fan and an electronics hobbyist, may the source be with you.


4. School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering


I must have seen this in some school. First, I thought that the guy was doing some soldering. Left hand holds the soldering iron. The right hand holds the solder wire. Then, I start wondering maybe the guy was poking around the PCB with an unbent clip in order to debug and measure the voltage with multi-meter at the same time. What do you think?

Bonus: another strange but interesting product from Amazon. Sigma Zoom Lens. Be sure to check its funny review.


Sigma Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens


3. Different kind of fuses

It is no surprise that the thicker the metal, the more current it can pass before it fuses open. But, I spent quite some time staring at the 250A fuse. What is that thing?


2. Bad PCB layout? Think twice.

When I saw this PCB picture the first time, I was like this PCB is so messed up. Random mixture of different size vias. Neckdown on the traces. The list goes on and on. But, then I realize that if the guy is that lazy, he could have just turned on the auto-router function. Apparently, the traces on this PCB are not auto-routed but drawn manually. But, why. Why do they look like this? After a bit of detective work online, I found a post from adafruit and some reddit discussion. They seem to suggest that these traces actually look like a topology diagram. It would make a lot of sense to an irrigation data logger instead of an electrical engineer like us. The guy may have gone the extra mile to produce something that a water reclamation engineer would appreciate.


1. The right way to hold a soldering iron


This is a stock photo from shutterstock. For the reason you know, it should look very painful. But, that doesn’t look painful at all! Just make sure that you do not try it at home and at work. To me, this has to be the funniest picture of all time. So far maybe. :-)

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