About Us

‘Which Soldering Station’ came from a few occasional conversations I had about soldering stations with my friends. Personally, I have been in electrical engineering field for many years. I have been using soldering stations ever since the beginning of my career.

One day, my friend who does software design for a living and also loves tinkering stuff on the side came to me for my advice to buy a new soldering station. He told me that there was too much information about soldering stations out there. He felt a bit confused after all this research. It turns out that he was right. In this information age, people are more often overloaded with information they can find.

With the help of a few friends who are also in electrical engineering field for many many years, we build the whichsolderingstation.com. What ‘Which Soldering Station’ does is to research, summarize, and review soldering stations. At whichsolderingstation.com, we help you cut through the noise when buy a soldering station.