Etekcity MSR R500 Multimeter Review

What is a multimeter?

A multimeter is an ideal test tool that helps to measure two or more electrical values. A cheap digital multimeter helps in the measurement of current, voltage and resistance. Technicians in various fields have been found to commonly use this tool the most. In olden days, it was the Analog multimeter that was profoundly used. However, the Digital multimeter was found to have greater accuracy, reliability and impedance which led to the replacement of the analog multimeter. It helps to combine the functionalities of single meters such as the Ammeter, Voltmeter and Ohmmeter and some others are found to have other functions too. The most appropriate type of multimeter can be chosen that is tailored to meet our needs.
Etekcity Digital Multimeters

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Functionalities of a multimeter

Measurement of AC/DC voltage and AC/DC current are done using a Multimeter. Two other important functions include measurement of Resistance and Continuity. Diode measurement is carried out in two ways namely, Ohmmeter diode or diode mode. A multimeter also helps in the assessment of capacitance. Etekcity MSR R500 Entry-Level Multimeter Reviews by whichsolderingstation. A very distinguished feature of the Mutimeter is its ability to measure temperature and thereby comes handy in detecting over heating in a circuit. The auto range function helps to automatically set the range of values. By using the Max Hold Button one can obtain the highest reading of the device. It truly is a multi-purpose device with its additional features of auto power-off and LCD backlight enhancing the functionality, durability and visibility of the budget multimeter.

About Etekcity MSR R500

The Etekcity MSR R500 is easy to use multimeter which consists of various functions to measure current, resistance, continuity, diode testing and voltage. Diagnosis, assembling, wiring and circuit repairs can be carried out using MSR R500 with ease. Some other features include overload protection, continuity buzzer and low battery indicator. The rubber sleeve that is being incorporated into this multimeter helps prevent damage due to drops and falls.
A characteristic that ETekcity MSR R500 is known for is its accuracy in the measurement of the readings. The data hold function of the MSR R500 helps you to retain the values on the screen while you take the readings. The large display and LCD backlight option makes it an ideal choice for day to day activities in a variety of areas. In terms of sampling speed, the MSR R500 has 2/3 times readings per second. Etekcity MSR R500 Multimeter Review by whichsolderingstation. The built in support stand allows us to properly place the multimeter while taking the measurements. From the auto maintenance to all your DIY projects, this multimeter is a must have tool in your house or workshop.

The Final Verdict

In terms of the value of money, this is a decent buy in the non-auto ranging section of digital multimeters. As the durability and accuracy of MSR R500 are amazing, you simply cannot regret buying this device. With good features, a nice set of meter cords and connector protectors, the Etekcity MSR R500 is the bang for one’s buck! Click here for the related post.