EXTECH EX330 Multimeter Review


Extech instruments have been a leading company for the manufacturing of test and measurement tools since 1971. The tools manufactured by them have helped various sectors for troubleshooting and analysis(EXTECH EX330 Multimeter Review by whichsolderingstation) whether it’s in the electrical, mechanical or environmental field. The success of Extech is due to their dedicated network of distributors.


A multimeter can be used to measure both AC/DC voltage and AC/DC current. Measurement of resistance and continuity are other two important functionalities of a multimeter. The measurement of diodes can be done using two ways namely ohmmeter mode or diode mode. The capacitance measurement can also be performed using the multimeter. To detect over heating in a circuit, the temperature measurement feature of a multimeter comes in handy. The required range of values can be automatically done by the multimeter using the auto range function. The highest reading in the device can be obtained using the Max Hold button. The Auto power-off feature and LCD backlight adds to the better functionality, durability and visibility of the multimeter thus making it the best multi-purpose utility device for technicians.
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This device incorporates two meters in one easy to read compact sized budget multimeter. The two meters are for a non-contact voltage detector and a digital multimeter. With a basic accuracy of 0.5 %, this entry-level multimeter can measure DC/AC voltage to 600V and also DC/AC current to 10 A. Along with the main feature(EXTECH EX330 Multimeter Review by whichsolderingstation), it consists of many other functionalities such as performing diode testing and continuity testing, measurement of resistance, very easy to read LED display, a beeper which is audible and a LED indicator which is red. Low battery indicator is yet another feature that is the icing on the cake.
There is a total of 12 functions offered by this cheap multimeter which includes duty cycle, frequency, capacitance and temperature. This device can measure frequency in the range of 0.001 Hz to 10Mhz. The EX330 features a 4000-count big digit display that enables easy reading and a built in Type K probe thermometer that has the ability to interchange between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Another additional feature of the EXTECH EX330 is the relative function. This function allows the user to compare a stored value to another as the device makes measurement with regards to a preloaded reference.

Testing using EX330

By inserting a test lead into each slot, this multimeter can be used to test AC wall outlet. This will help you measure the line voltage. The resistance setting can be used to test faulty machines and devices such as dishwashers, furnaces and much more. It also has the ability to test other common household appliances such as theater systems, ceiling fans etc.


This multimeter is an excellent device for all of our house and hobby works. In terms of the value of money, it is a big competition for the highly priced Fluke multimeter and all the values are well within the expected range. Actually, it is sort of cheap. With also an amazing auto ranging feature, we simply cannot ask for more in this price range of digital multimeters!

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