Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station Review

Hakko has been producing great quality soldering and desoldering related tools in the electronics and semiconductor industries for many years. The Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station is a relatively low-cost yet very durable station. It is essentially a FX-888 with a digital readout plus a few other improvements. Hakko-FX-888(D) predecessor, Hakko 936, has been one of the most cloned soldering stations.


The Hakko FX-888D includes a 70W power unit, 65W soldering iron, cleaning sponge and brass. The Hakko FX888D is an ESD-safe digital soldering station with selectable preset temperatures and digital calibration. It takes both 900M and T-18 series tips. Settings can be locked using a password to prevent them from being changed accidentally.


The unit comes with a 65W soldering iron. Temperature ranges from 125 to 899 degrees F. It takes about 40 seconds heat up to 500F. When set to from 400F to 899F, the idle temperature could be maintained within 1.8°F (1°C). Either Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display. Note the reading on LED is the set temperature not the tip temperature. The thermal capability is shown below. Courtesy to Hakko.com.

Soldering pencil and tips (or cartridge)

It comes with a tip which in our opinion is a little too big for SMD job. As mentioned, 900M and T-18 tips fit the FX-888D. You might as well invest a bit more to buy the smaller tips. HAKKO soldering tips are comprised of a copper core for great thermal conductivity and plated with iron that brings less corrosion.

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ESD safe and Tip Cleaning

FX-888D is an ESD safe unit. The soldering tip is grounded while the rubber handle of the soldering pencil is actually conductive, which bleeds out the charge we have before operation. It also comes with a sponge for wet cleaning and brass wire for dry clean.

Reviews from CustomersHakko FX-888D Customer Reviews

While most of the people like its heart up and thermal recovery capability, some of the users complains that  it only shows you the setting temperature rather than the actual tip temperature. (instead, a tiny LED dot blinks to show it’s heating.)

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Overall, the Hakko FX-888D is very easy to use and way better than using a normal hand-held soldering iron. Its temperature recovers quickly and is very light to hold. If you find yourself doing more soldering than the occasional hobbyist or and are looking to working with a wide variety or components, Hakko FX-888D could be your work horse.