KKmoon MHS-5200A Function Generator Review

Who is KKMoon Anyway?

KKmoon is a company known for its production of Alarm monitoring systems, Camera Bags, Cabinets, Chargers, computer peripherals, electrical automation systems, flashlights and controlled devices. Surveying instruments, HVAC, software for appliances are other items that they sell. The trademark of this company is filed under computer and electrical appliances. KKmoon Function Generator Review is written by whichsolderingstation.com Please share with credits.


KKMOON Dual Channel Function Generator


Things to Consider

Before buying function generators you need to look at various aspects such as frequency stability, phase lock capability and waveforms. Modulation, DC offset voltage, the number of channels and LAN connectivity are other important criteria. 50 Ohms is the standard output impedance for most of the generators you find in the market today. Depending upon your own requirements, the best generator that suits your budget can be purchased.

KKmoon MHS-5200A Function Generator Review

The KKmoon MHS-5200A is an arbitrary multifunctional waveform DDS signal generator. Known for its high performance and precision, it consists of a large scale of FPGA integrated circuits. This signal generator has a high anti- interference and lifetime capability thanks to the SMT in the inner circuit and MCU microprocessor of high speed. Both conventional and arbitrary waveforms can be generated by MHS-5200A and all its functions are digitally controlled. The LCD display consists of 2 lines: top line for current frequency and bottom line for additional parameters.


It has a dual channel output and has an adjustable phase difference. Another feature is the linear sweep and logarithmic sweep functions. The linear sweep can go to a maximum of 999s. The minimum amplitude resolution of 1 mV can be achieved with the help of in-built -20 dB attenuators in the signal. This function generator has a DC bias of 120%~ + 120%. The KKmoon MHS-5200A has an output of 4 TTL and consists of frequency measurement, period measurement, duty cycle measurements and counting function. Positive and negative pulse width measurement is also included. We can use a PC to control this signal generator as it comes with a USB interface. Overall, the MHS-5200A is an ideal option in terms of generating signal, scanning waveform and measuring parameters.

Little Brother XR2206

The KKmoon XR2206 is a high precision signal generator Do it yourself kit. The XR2206 has a high resolution and can generate sine, triangle and square waveforms. Coarse tuning and fine tuning is available and the frequency range is from 1 HZ- 1MHz. The supply power is of a wide range from 9V to 12V via external source or using a 9V battery. The biggest advantage is the ease of installation and all the components are hole components. It also includes adjustable frequency and amplitude. It is a solid basic DIY kit at a great price which is worth the cash you shell out.


The MHS-5200A is a light weight and feature rich signal generator at its price. The SMT process helps a lot to increase the lifetime and anti-interference capability which improves its quality as a generator. The XR2206, on the other hand is a great DIY package and a reasonable price which is very easy to install which makes it the perfect choice for beginners also.

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