Looking for Best Wire Strippers for your soldering projects?

If you are an electronics hobbyist or ever worked in semiconductor industry, you must have used the wire strippers when solder. Wire stripper is one of those tools you use almost daily for your project. Have you ever wondered what is the best wire strippers available in the market. Here, we have the answer.


IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Multi Tool(Stripper, Cutter and Crimper)irwin-multi-tool-wire-stripper

Have you ever seen the following wire stripper or anything similar before? This is the one of the most popular wire strippers sold on Amazon. This wire stripper features durable nickel chromium steel build. Essentially, it’s a wire stripper, cutter and Crimper 3 in 1 tool. It can strip and cut 10-22 AWG wires.


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IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper

irwin-self-adjust-wire-stripperBut, today let us spend a little more time on another wire stripper from IRWIN. It is a self adjusting wire stripper. Basically, you do not have to worry about the size of the wire. All you need to do is to put the wire in and strip it. The tool will self adjust to different wire sizes. Accoding to different reviews, people love this tool. It receives 500+ reviews on Amazon. But, it should be noted that the description says that it can strip 24 AWG wire while some customer think that 24 AWG wire is too thin to be stripped with this tool. Here is an youtube review from Mike Wrecker. Credits to Mike Wrecker. In a video, you can tell how excited he is about this wire stripper tool.

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A inexpensive but functional CLONE?

If you think this IRWIN self-adjusting stripper is too expensive, here is a quality clone of the tool. It is slightly inexpensive than the IRWIN self adjusting wire stripper. But, it still does the job.


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Klein Tools Katapult Wire Stripper

Another tool we want to introduce is from Klein. It is also in interesting wire stripping tool.


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Above we introduce a few very popular and also top-rated wire stripper. In our opinion, IRWIN self adjusting wire stripper is the best wire stripper in a market. Hope we help you find your wire stripper for your soldering projects. Let us know if you have more questions. Thank you.