Metcal MX-5210 Soldering Station Review

Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, if you are searching for a new soldering system than the Metcal MX-5210 is a good option to consider. Metcal is a division of OK International and well known for their commitment to excellence in US and global markets. They offer outstanding products and reliability, as well as their expert product support and customer service. Metcal is a leading brand in electronics production assembly, providing hand soldering, convection rework, fume extraction and fluid dispensing products.


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Metcal’s MX-5210 is a Dual Port Soldering and Rework System. Dual ports allow for two hand-pieces operating at the same time, while sharing the 80 watt output, which means more power and speed. Furnished with SmartHeat Technology, the 5210 also has a built-in power meter with digital display and a bar graph that offers feedback on the soldering application. This system has a power supply that is controlled by a microprocessor, which allows the unit to provide more power for greater production of components, multi-layered boards and lead-free solders. The hand pieces are lightweight and have improved ergonomics. They also have interchangeable hand grips so you can co-ordinate your job to a specific color (black or green) which is especially helpful when both ports are being used at the same time. The unit is ESD safe with incoming AC ground monitoring circuitry. The MX-5210 comes with a power supply and dual ports, a Metcal hand-piece with a cartridge removal pad and a corresponding workstand that contains one sponge and one brass pad.

While a hobbyist may not need a dual port system for regular use, the Metcal MX-5210 offers so much it may be worth the cost just to have that option. With the unit only taking very short time to start, the display is easy to read and understand. The tip saver stand that comes with the unit puts the tip in sleep mode when in use which will help to extend the life of your tips. This feature could help save money. Previous Metcal stations had a single port with 40 watts of power, with the MX-5210, not only do you have dual ports, but at 80 watts shared dynamically, your power is doubled so there’s no loss of integrity with the additional use. This is a significant increase in output.

Professionals looking to purchase a new system or upgrade their old system will find the Metcal MX-5210 a great choice. Lightweight and easy to use, the dual-ports with the option to color code each grip, allow for more options in the workplace. All accessories from previous Metcal MX-500 and MX-5000 series models are often interchangeable with this new model, so there is the added benefit of not having to make additional purchases for use. Dual ports with 80 watts of shared power per channel really makes this system a smart choice.

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