Metcal MX-5211 Soldering Station Review

Metcal, a leading brand of bench tools that is part of the OK International family, gives us their Metcal MX-5211, another great soldering unit that has advanced features.


The Metcal MX-5211 soldering and rework system comes with the MX-PS5200 power supply, the advanced MX-H1-AV hand pieces, the MX-W1AV workstands. We will discuss each part one by one so that you can understand how they work and what are their purposes. The MX-PS5200 works with an input voltage ranging from 100V up to 240VAC. It is designed with dual switch port that allows the simultaneous use of the two advanced hand pieces, which we will discuss later on. Furthermore, this power station also has an LCD display with built in power indicator meter so users can monitor the power to avoid excess heat that might damage the parts being soldered, and a bar graph that provides feedback about the status of the operation. These power supplies are designed to be safe for ESD. Thanks to their SmartHeat Technology, users can now have more control over their work, make them more productive and reduce the risks of breaking the parts being soldered.

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Next are the soldering and rework hand pieces. They are designed to be used with different cartridges simultaneously, depending on how they will be used and a very short heat up time to make your more productive. They are compatible with the STCC soldering cartridges and the SMTC rework cartridge. What makes it ideal for you to use the MX-5211 is because it is perfect for soldering lead-free, thermally sensitive components and even for conduction rework of SMD’s. In addition, these hand pieces are designed to be lighter to improve ergonomics and to provide more comfort to users.

Let’s proceed to the MX-W1AV workstand. They are made especially for the Metcal soldering and rework hand pieces. These workstands have sponges on them to keep the tips always clean.


The Metcal MX-5211 soldering and rework system is on the expensive side. But, it is a solid and great unit to own if your budget is not too tight.