What you need to set up a soldering bench?

In this article, we list all the essential ingredients to set up a soldering bench in order to get you start your professional soldering today. If you are in search for your soldering station, this review post about the soldering stations will sure help you out!

Helping Hands:helping hand

It has a variety of usages. Usually, two alligator clips hold the small circuit boards or components under the magnifying glass. It makes small circuit board soldering much easier. It costs less than $10. It is a must-have for electronics soldering.

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Remove the solder:

To remove the solder on the circuit board, you can either use the solder wick or sucking vacuum desoldering pump. For electronics soldering, the solder wick will do the trick most of the time.


THakko Brassip cleaning:

With the trend of the lead-free soldering ( it requires higher soldering temperature), we see more and more people prefer brass wire cleaning over damped sponge cleaning. If you want, you can also get one of those for a few dollars on Amazon.


Anti-magnetic Straight Curved Tweezers:Tweezers

With everything going mobile and compact, the footprint of the SMD(surface mount device) become smaller and smaller. You definitely need the precision tweezers to do the work.



There is lead free or regular solder. Usually, it is in the form of solder wire. But, you may want to look into the solder paste if you do lots of SMD soldering. There are many brands for the solder. Kester is our favorite.

Solder flux:

Solder flux is applied to the area you need to solder to clean the joint and prevent oxidation and allow the solder to flow. The flux is usually found in a hollow space in the solder wire. The flux melts first. It cleans the joint. And, the solder melts next. For SMD soldering, we prefer to use the solder pen(most of the time) or solder paste to flux the area we need to work on. Exactly where we want it to be. No mess. For SMD soldering, the flux pen is simple, quick and clean.

flux paste

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fume extractorSolder Smoke Extractor:

Solder smoke or fume is definitely very very bad for your health. Some research relates it to the
lung cancer. If you solder daily, please do yourself a favor to buy a solder smoke extractor. Here is the one we recommend. Aoyue 486 Benchtop Solder Smoke Absorber. It only costs tens of dollars. It goes a long way to keep you from breathing the bad fume and healthy.

Alcohol dispenser:

Quite often, you will use alcohol to clean the flux. You need to have one durable alcohol dispenser(with a pump).


Wire cutter:Wire Cutter

Not too much to say here. Here is a very popular wire cutter. For some reason, it finds its way into almost every semiconductor company in the US. Click on its picture on the right side. It will bring you to its amazon page. You could find out the reason why there.


Hot air gun:

If you often solder SMDs, you will need one to remove the devices from the PCB. Here is one example. We reviewed it here. In that post, we also reviewed two rework stations which basically consists of the soldering iron, the hot air gun and possibly fume extractor.

Great, I think that we list all the essential equipment that you need to start soldering today. If you have any question, please let us know. Thank you!