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What is a multimeter

A test tool that can be used to measure two or more electrical values is known as a multimeter. Usually a digital multimeter measures current, voltage and resistance. In the field of electronics and electrical, this tool is commonly used by technicians. A long time ago, the usage of analog multimeters was more profound. It was replaced by the digital multimeter due to greater accuracy, reliability and improved impedance(The New Best Cheap Multimeter Reviews by whichsolderingstation). The multimeter combines the functionalities of single meters such as an ammeter, voltmeter and ohmmeter. Some multimeters also include other special functions. According to our need, different types can be purchased. In this post, we will give an executive review of 5 top-rated budget multimeters. Click the links to read the multimeter reviews for several affordable models in details.

Multimeter Functionalities

The functionalities of a multimeter include measurement of AC/DC voltage and AC/DC current. The current is nothing but the rate of flow of charge while voltage is the potential difference in charge between two points in an electric field. It can also measure resistance and continuity. The SI unit of electrical resistance is known as Ohm and it is defined as the transmission of the current of one ampere when there is a potential difference of 1 volt.

Multimeters also have the functionality of measuring diodes. They can do it in 2 ways: Ohmmeter mode or Diode mode. In case an error is shown in the values, the diode is said to be defective. The defect of the diode can be either open or short. Open diode implies the fact that current will not flow through it during forward or reverse biased condition while shorted diode means it is conducting. In addition to the above functions, a multimeter can also measure the capacitance of capacitors.

Additional features of a multimeter include the measurement of temperature, display backlight, Auto-ranging, Maximum value hold and Auto power off. Temperature measurement is useful because while working with a microprocessor or other similar parts, we can find out whether it overheats or not. Overheating can lead to serious fluctuations in the working of devices such as the microprocessor. The auto-ranging feature allows the multimeter to automatically select the required range of quantity. This will help us to view the significant digits only. The max hold button will allow the user to capture the highest reading. During the in-rush of current flow when the device is first turned on, this feature is particularly useful. For better visibility, LCD backlight display is highly important. The Auto power off feature ensures that the battery of your DMM will last longer thus avoiding unnecessary power loss when you forget to turn it off.


Extech Multimeter Rewiew

The Extech EX330 Autoranging mini multimeter is an ideal choice for troubleshooting. This device houses two meters which are convenient to read. The EX330 has a total of 12 functions which include duty cycle, capacitance, temperature etc. It also has a built in thermometer with a type K probe that can interchange between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. Click here for the detailed review.

New Top Rated Cheap Multimeter Reviews

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Etekcity Multimeter Introduction

The Etekcity MSR-R500 multimeter is a highly recommended practical too for electricians. Easy in terms of operation and variety of functions such as measurement of the transistor, current and diode testing makes it reliable. This multimeter can also be used to diagnose and repair circuitry and wiring. The rubber sleeves protect the phone from drops and falls. Click this for the review.

Etekcity Digital Multimeters

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Crenovo Multimeter

Crenovo MS8233D is an auto ranging multimeter widely used in schools, factories and other social areas. It is an easy to operate multimeter which comes along with labels and a screen which is easy to read. This multimeter is environment friendly with overload protection. The Crenovo MS8233D comes packed with an Auto power OFF feature too.
Crenova Digital Multimeter

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Topone Multimeter

The Topone LCD Digital Ohm Volt Multimeter is a comparatively cheap and LCD digital meter. It consists of an AC DC voltmeter and is a solidly built multimeter for the price tag it comes along with. This device has all the main features of higher priced multimeters also which an added bonus.
Topone LCD Digital Multimeter

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Amprobe Multimeter

The Amprobe AM-530 TRMS Electrical Contractor Multimeter is a feature rich device used by many technicians around. It consists of detachable test leads that can measure AC/DC current, voltage, resistance, capacitance and frequency. Installation and troubleshooting of electrical equipments can be performed using this multimeter. (The New Best Cheap Multimeter Reviews by whichsolderingstation) This multimeter also comes with a built in flashlight, diode testing, duty cycle and True-RMS feature.
Amprobe Contractor Multimeter

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To wrap it all up, one can say the most prominent tool in an electrician’s toolbox is a dependable multimeter. A typical multimeter comes packed with a lot of features tailored for our needs. The various types of multimeters have helped us to choose the ideal one for our usage. The weapon of a geek is indeed a multimeter! Above, we introduce several great and cheap multimeters. Hope these reviews are helpful for your shopping for the next multimeter.