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What is a thermal camera?

A thermal or thermo-graphic camera is a device which forms the image using infrared radiation. It operates in wavelength ranges up to 14,000 nm. Infrared emitted by the objects under consideration is focused by lens which is then scanned by phased array and detector element creates the temperature pattern which is also known as thermo-gram. Then this thermo-gram is then translated into electric impulses.  (Best Cheap Thermal Camera Reviews by whichsolderingstation) These impulses then become the input of a highly sensitive signal processing board which has a dedicated circuitry works to convert the impulses into the visible data. The output of this signal processing unit is displayed on a monitor where the display can be colorful at some places. The graphics or appearance of colors depends on the intensity of infrared. The integration of all the elements or impulses from the detector creates the image on the monitor. Usually the thermal devices can perform scanning at a rate of 30 times/second.

Seek Thermal Handheld Thermal Imager

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Where are thermal cameras used?

Thermal cameras are widely used in many different areas. Most of its applications include, night vision, building inspection: to check the different aspects of building strength, Energy auditing, roof inspecting, moisture inspection. It is widely used in the field of medicine and surgery for thermal imaging, to check brain tumors and for medical testing and diagnosis. In production environments, it is used for quality control. Apart from that, it is used for automatic night vision, monitoring of data center, chemical imaging, diagnosis and maintenance of electrical and measuring instruments, research and development of new products, non-destructive testing, locating pest infestations. Thermal images shown by weather satellites is used to determine and predict the weather conditions, temperature, and vapor conditions, all of which depends on the intensity of infrared light. In cricket, it is used to detect the faint contact of ball with the bat. Thermal imaging revolutionized the imaging techniques.

Factors to consider when buy thermal cameras

Some factors must be kept in mind before buying the budget thermal camera to get desired results. Infrared cameras mostly have less resolution than that of visible light cameras, so always buy higher resolution cameras to get sharper thermal images at farther distance. Detector resolution must match the LCD resolution as detector resolution is more important than the resolution of LCD. In more darker locations, sometimes there is a need to have a visible light to get the precise location for thermal imaging so nowadays thermal cameras are available having built-in visible light or torch feature which makes you more confident for capturing thermal images. Thermal cameras not only let you see the differences in heat but also lets you measure the differences so for this try to buy the camera having 3.6oF accuracy. Thermal imaging technology is being developed with fast pace, nowadays there are thermal cameras which can store and output different output formats and supports interfacing capability via USB, wi-fi and HDMI. Some value added services are also added in entry-level thermal cameras i.e. bluetooth enabled T&M meters for monitoring and estimating electrical load and moisture levels. New and developed Wi-Fi apps lets you streamline and sharing of data. Make sure that thermal cameras have ergonomic feature. P-I-P or image fusion helps you combine different thermal images to compare multiple trends. Field of view is known to be the largest area that your imager can see at a distance, always select the camera having wide field of view so that minor details can be seen more precisely. Choose the thermal cameras having wide range of temperature and ambient or high temperature spots locating capability. Some of the most innovative and developed thermal cameras are available now.

Seek Reveal all in one handheld thermal imager

Seek Reveal is all in one handheld thermal imager having 206×156 sensor for more accurate and powerful results. It has a rechargeable battery and capability of colorful display. It lets you to do thermal imaging in day light as well as night time. It also has the visible light facility using 300-lumen LED which lets you see the surroundings. Here is the link for our review.
FLIR Compact Thermal Imaging

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FLIR C2 compact thermal imager

FLIR C2 compact thermal imager is lighter in weight and much slimmer that it can fit in your pocket. It has operating temperature range -10oC to 50oC. It has LED spotlight for illumination. More detailed image is displayed due to its enhanced MSX feature. It can store 4800 pixels and is capable of taking thermal measurements ranged from -100oC to 150oC. Click here for our review.

Seek Thermal Compact Imager for Android

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Seek Thermal compact imager

Seek Thermal compact imager is more sensitive and reliable thermal camera that can plug-in directly to your smart phone. It has wide 36 degree field of view which is beneficial for indoor and outdoor use. It has detectable range of -40 to 626 degree Fahrenheit. Its focusable lens allow to fine-tune thermal imagery. Here is the link for the review.

FLIR Spot Thermal Camera

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FLIR TG165 spot thermal camera

FLIR TG165 spot thermal camera is basically a class II laser product, having 1mW power output. It has IR imaging engine with 80×60 resolution, 150mK sensitivity and 9Hz refresh rate. (Best Cheap Thermal Camera Reviews by whichsolderingstation)  For safer distance measuring, it has 24:1 spot size ratio. It provides USB and SD card interfacing capability to download data.