Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope Review

Introduction to RIGOL

RIGOL Technologies is one of the renowned Chinese manufactures of test equipment and devices, established in 1998. Their first product was High Performance Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Later on, company has(Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope Review by whichsolderingstation) vast range of other electronics equipment like waveform generator, DC Power supply, Spectrum analyzer, Digital Multi-meters and RF Signal Generator etc.

Detailed Features

MSO/DS 1000Z is the new series of oscilloscope by RIGOL which is more versatile and meet customer’s demands with more creative and innovative technologies. It has today’s leading specifications with embedded designs and more powerful and developed trigger functions. It has capabilities of board analysis. RIGOL DS1054Z is a powerful collaboration of quality and performance with its 50MHz bandwidth, 4 analog channels, 16 digital channels and maximum sampling rate of 1GSa/S. Measurements become more accurate and easy with its vertical scale of 1mV/div to 10mV/div.

Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope

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It has memory depth of 12Mpts with optional 24Mpts. It has quite innovative “ultra-vision” technology. It has capture rate of 30,000wfms/s and has real-time waveform record and replay with 60,000 frames. 74 intensity grading levels, 7’’ WVGA TFT LCD Display (800×580) makes it more productive. It has various protocol trigger functions. It can measure 33 waveform parameters along with statistics and has choice of window functions with built-in FFT. It has help facility, test functions for pass and fail, and more interfacing options via USB Host & Device, AUX Output, LAN (LXI) and optional GPIB.

It has compact size with very light weight and ease of use. It has supplied with passive probes (150MHz), deeper memory, advanced trigger functions, soft carry bag, and RCL standard calibration. RIGOL ‘Ultra-Sigma’ is SCPI command based control and monitoring software which is compatible with windows PC whereas RIGOL ‘Ultra-Scope’ is virtual front panel software with limited functionality but is also compatible with windows PC. Both of these applications can be downloaded from RIGOL site. Also numerous options are available i.e. playback/record, serial bus analysis deeper memory and standard calibration. It has upgraded with reliable results for rise time, fall time, time of maximum and minimum voltages, positive and negative duty cycles, slew rate, peak to peak values, average RMS, overshoot area and period RMS values.

It comes with more accessories i.e. std. probes, 4 sets of RP2200 BW and passive probe 150MHz BW. It can display five measurements at the same time and measurement range has screen region and cursor region. It has hardware counter of 6-bits and channels are selectable. It can support signal standards of NTSC, PAL and SECAM and 480P, 576P HDTV standards. It has three cursor measurements modes i.e. manual mode, track mode and auto mode and has parallel decoding type with parallel standard, RS232/UART, I2C and SPI.


With the advancement in Oscilloscope technology, there is a huge market competition to provide the best and more reliable devices. RIGOL DS1054Z is designed for high performance while considering the economics in consideration. Major applications include Electronic Circuit Test, Circuit of Mixed Signal Test, Relation between two or additional Signals and many more. Hope this review helps.

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