RIGOL DS1102E Oscilloscope Review

Oscilloscope is one of the major devices for measuring the electronic voltages/signals and when it comes to Electrical Engineering, even small errors in measurements can cause drastic changes in the output. So measuring instruments should be much reliable and error free for smooth operations and calculations. That’s why engineers always look for brands which are more trust worthy and dependable according to their needs. Also, nowadays there are many low cost oscilloscopes you can find online. RIGOL DS1102E is one of those. In this post, we will have an oscilloscope review for RIGOL DS1102E. Hope it helps.

RIGOL and Oscilloscope


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RIGOL Technologies is one of the renowned Chinese manufactures of test equipment and devices, established in 1998. Their first product was High Performance Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Later on, company has vast range of other electronics equipment like waveform generator, DC Power supply, Spectrum analyzer, Digital Multi-meters and RF Signal Generator etc.

Oscilloscope is an electronic graph plotter, which uses the beam of electrons to display the shape and waveform of corresponding input voltage signals. Electrons strike on the fluorescence screen which produces glow after each collisions to display time variant signals. Two type of oscilloscopes are being used nowadays i.e. Digital Oscilloscope and Analog Oscilloscope. Nowadays, digital oscilloscopes are of much demand because of their high processing speed, storage capability, smaller size and connectivity with the other systems/computers. Different models of digital oscilloscopes are manufactured by different companies. The selection of oscilloscopes depends on the usage, accuracy of measurement and some other important aspects which are discussed below.

What You Should Look for

Certain factors are to be kept in mind before buying an oscilloscope. Oscilloscope must be able to display third and fifth harmonics for detailed signal analysis, a key rule is to buy the oscilloscope having bandwidth at least five times the bandwidth of the signal. For accurate transitions, rise time should be faster and oscilloscope should have < 1/5 timesfaster rise time of the signal. To avoid capacitive, inductive and resistive loading, probes should have capacitive loading less than 10pf. Digital oscilloscope works by sampling the input signals, selection of channels depends on the application. To debug a digital system, more than eight digital channels are needed. Sampling rate is one of the most important factors, higher sampling rate corresponds to more accurate results. Use the oscilloscope having sampling rate five times higher than the highest frequency component. Oscilloscope should be flexible and has capability to add more memory to save records of bigger size.

RIGOL Oscilloscope Review

In recent years, “1000 series” of oscilloscopes has been introduced by RIGOL which includes B, D and E series. RIGOL DS1102E is the part of E series having bandwidth of 100MHz, dual analog channels and sixteen channels logic analyzer, 25GSa/s maximum equivalent sample rate and 1GSa/s maximum real-time sample rate. Vivid and clear waveform is displayed with its 5.6 inch and 64k TFT LCD. It has ample trigger types i.e. edge, pulse width, slope etc. With a flexibility of measuring 22 types of wave parameter measurements automatically via cursor. It has easy to use design comprising the exceptional features of built-in help menu and multiple language menu. Local internal memory or USB storage device can be connected to store files. Intensity of the display can be adjusted and signals can be displayed automatically using AUTO feature. Fine delayed scan, built-in FFT function, pass/fail detection, multiple math operations functions makes this oscilloscope one of its own kind. Upgraded powerful software for PC applications “Ultra-scope” makes it more reliable and easy to use. It has interface configuration capability via USB, USB host, RS-232 etc. Another new feature of “Key Lock” makes it more beneficial for industrial use and also has remote command control support.

In Short

DS1102E is designed for high performance while considering the economics in consideration. Major applications include Electronic Circuit Test, Circuit of Mixed Signal Test, Relation between two or additional Signals and many more.

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