Seek Reveal Handheld Thermal Imager Review


A thermal or thermo-graphic camera is a device which forms the image using infrared radiation. It has it wide applications in almost every field of life and that’s why lots of companies are developing and doing research in thermal imaging. Seek thermal is a growing renewed company which was founded in 2012 but it has more than 40 years of quality experience in industry and proprietary for making thermal imaging more affordable and accessible to everyone. (Seek Reveal Handheld Thermal Imager Review by whichsolderingstation.) Seek reveal has its head quarter in Santa Barbara, California and now the company is selling its products globally. Company’s major concern is in log wave infrared sensors and thermal imaging products for commercial as well as for home use.

Seek Thermal Handheld Thermal Imager

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Key Factors:

Some factors must be kept in mind before buying the budget thermal camera to get optimum results. Infrared cameras mostly have less resolution and most of the important task is the processing of thermal imaging is done by detector and detector resolution must match the resolution of LCD. Visible light becomes very useful to get the view of overall location so nowadays cheap thermal cameras are available having built-in visible light feature. Thermal cameras must have ergonomic feature to handle it more easily. It must have all the modern interfaces i.e. HDMI, Wi-Fi and USB etc. Cameras must have wide range of temperature and spots locating capability.


Seek Reveal is all in one handheld thermal images having 206×156 sensor for more accurate and powerful results. It has a rechargeable battery and capability of colorful display. It lets you to do thermal imaging in day light as well as night time. It also has the visible light facility using 300-lumen LED which lets you see the surroundings. For more accessibly, it has ergonomic grip with an angled head-up display which prevents you from getting stress and head or back ache. It has modified and up-graded tool box with rubberized casing and control so you can work anywhere you want. It has see through dark capability with optional light feature. It can capture images with seven different color palettes so that more detailed images are shown to compare and monitor results more accurately and in descriptive way. (Seek Reveal Handheld Thermal Imager Review by whichsolderingstation) It also provides data sharing capability via micro SD card, USB and HDMI. It has detectable range of -40 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit and also it lets you locate the specific sources of heat-and-hear loss up to 500 feet away. It delivers the insight that you want to find and fix with more safety and durability. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for more than 10 hours and with large color display. Its highly sensitive thermal sensors are able to identify and locate the areas of heat loss or gain. It has intuitive control which makes it more reliable and easy to use for one handed operation. Images can be directly saved to SD card.


Thermal imagery has its vast applications in every field of life and is getting more common and useful for more detailed analysis and comparison. Seek Reveal is one of the most renowned product due to its ease of use and high resolution results which makes it more reliable for researchers.

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