Seek Thermal Compact Imager Review


A thermo-graphic thermal camera is an electronic device in which image is formed using infrared radiations. Nowadays many companies and individuals are doing research in the field of thermal imaging due to its immense applications in every field of life. Seek thermal is one of the most renowned company which was established in 2012 but it had 40 years of experience in the field of thermal imaging to develop such products which are accessible to everyone. (Seek Thermal Compact Imager Review by whichsolderingstation) The head quarter of seek reveal is in Santa Barbara. Company’s major interest is in log wave infrared sensors and thermal imaging products for home and commercial use.

Seek Thermal Compact Imager for Android

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Key Factors:

To get all the benefits and results from a budget thermal camera, there are some factors that you have to keep in mind before buying one. Visible light feature is very useful to get the environment status before thermal imaging. Thermal cameras must have ergonomic feature to handle it more easily. It can support all the useful interfaces i.e. HDMI, Wi-Fi and USB etc. Cameras should have appropriate range of temperature and spots locating feature. Infrared cameras mostly have very low resolution and most of the important task is the processing of thermal imaging is done by detector. LCD resolution must match the detector resolution.


Seek Thermal Compact Imager is very high speed, versatile and compatible cheap thermal camera that can be easily connected directly to the smart phone. It has very developed ability to convert the infrared image to a visible image in your smart phone. It has 36 degrees field of view and is feasible and useful for both indoor and outdoor use and can detect thermal image up to 1000 feet away. It has detectable range of -40 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit which is very useful to identify overheated circuits. It is pocket sized and comes with water proof case. It can spot people and even small animals in daylight as well as in night time. It uses data from 32000 thermal pixels which create a visible image into the smart phone and is highly compatible with android phones. (Seek Thermal Compact Imager Review by whichsolderingstation) It has different aspect ratio ranges. It is quite smaller in size and is lighter in weight. Recently it got an IOS update by which you can create an account to iSeek website. It has free mobile app which having very accessible portal where you can edit the images in your way. Its lens are compact and focus-able which allows to fine-tune the thermal imagery. It has very good battery timing and can be used for a whole day. It has image smoothing feature but by using this feature, lag can be observed when taking the image.


Thermal imagery is becoming more advanced and versatile due to its huge applications in every field of life. Modern thermal cameras are becoming more sensitive and are providing more details to the images. Seek Thermal Compact Imager is one of the most renowned products due to its accessibility of usage and high resolution results which makes it more reliable for researcher and users who don’t compromise on quality.

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