SIGLENT SDG1025 Function Generator Review

A brief introduction to Siglent

A reputed high tech company, concentrating on R&D sales, Siglent is one of the top brands in Electronic test and measurement. It is also a member of China Electronic Instrument Industry Association and has been developing digital oscillators from the year 2002. With over 300 people employed and every product manufactured by it being CE verified, Siglent has gained quite a lot of popularity.


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Basics about Function Generators

The function generator has the ability to produce different types of waveforms such as square waveforms, triangular waveforms, sine waveforms etc. as its output. It also has the ability to add DC offset and also adjust the frequencies of the wave that it generates. You need this signal source when prototyping oscillator circuits, low pass and high pass circuits. The operating range of signal generators can vary from as low as 100 KHz to 20 MHz. The arbitrary waveform generator is a type that allows you to generate any kind of waveform that you want.

Some of the specifications that you need to look out for when buying a function generator review includes looking out for the specifications of the waveforms. All the function generators produce sine, square, tooth and some more waveforms but you need to understand each one’s specification. The standard output impedance of a function generator is 50 ohms. Frequency stability, Phase lock capability and Modulation are important factors that you need to keep in mind before purchasing one. Sweeping the output frequency and providing DC offset voltage are other additional features to look out for.

The number of channels is crucial in deciding your signal generator. 2 channel generator works best as they are the most convenient. Features such as USB, GPIB and LAN connectivity also should be thought about before purchasing one. Apart from these main features, operating temperature, size, and weight should also be taken into account.

Siglent SDG1025 Function Generator Review

The Siglent SDG1025 is the addition the latest family of function generators. It has two variants- maximum output of 25 MHz and 30 MHz. It has a sample rate of 125MSa/s, a 14 bit vertical resolution and a wavelength of 16kpts. The function generator has a total of 48 waveforms installed internally. The SDG1025 has a lot of modulation functions incorporated into it. It also has a sweep frequency and pulse train output. Connectivity with the SDS1000 digital oscilloscope is not an issue and it supports remote command control.

The channels of this generator have a 50 ohm output impedance which is pretty much standard. The Siglent SDG1025 stands out from the analog function generators in terms of versatility of sweeping and burst modes. The display of this generator is quite amazing combined with the usage of both CH1 and CH2 at the same time. The display and changing of the parameters at the same time is an added advantage at its affordable price.

KKmoon has a cheap 1 MHz function generator. If you are a DYIer, you may find it interesting.

Final Verdict

Final verdict is that, in this price range it is hard to find another function generator which has so many features. This product from Siglent is worth considering for!