Electronics Hobbyists w/ Soldering Station Want to Make Extra Money?

You are an electronics hobbyist. You are a professional in electronics industry. Or, you just love tinkering and making stuff. Here are a few ways to make some extra money while you enjoy your hobby. They will not make you millionaire. But, if you do them right, you can earn a decent income out of it. To be able to monetize your hobby is probably the best thing in the world, isn’t it? So, you can reinvest on your hobbies such as buying a soldering station.

Find a job/project related to your soldering skills or electronics hobby

Classic job hunting with a modern spinpcb-board

Look for a full time/part time electronics job. This should not come as surprise. If you choose to work, at least one third of your time is dedicated to it. Why not find a job that align with your hobby. You can go through all the major job listing sites to look for those. Or, you can look for jobs around your local area through these online classified ad website such as Craigslist, Postad and Gumtree. Local business owner usually want to find some quick help from local. These websites are the best resources for them. Also, around the summer time, the kids go to all kinds of summer camps. There are science and engineering camps that teach kids electronics, how to solder with a soldering iron and etc. Kids are full of curiosity. It is fun to teach them. But, the job market become more competitive than ever. How do you find those jobs more quickly and ahead of others? Advanced Google search (not the regular one you know) is your answer. To use mighty Google to look for those electronics or soldering jobs that unknown to most of people only stare at the major job sites. One example, try to search for the following phrase in Google.

(job|job description) (electronics|soldering iron) (engineer|technician) (site:indeed.com OR site:simplyhired.com)

It returns the results with the pages that contain (either job OR job description) AND (either electronics OR soldering iron) AND (either engineer OR technician). Also, these results are either from indeed.com or simplyhired.com. This is just one simple implementation of the advanced Google search. There are much more than that. You can also set up a Google alert. Google will send you the new result that matches your search phrase the minute it sees. By implementing this simple trick, you actually get way ahead of a lot of people.  If you want to know a little more, you can download the following guide.

soldering and electronics guide

Click Here to download our guide

Odesk (a new way to find the projects that pay)

Above are more traditional ways(with a modern spin) to monetize your hobby. Below, to find a job/a project related to electronics on Odesk is one of those interesting ways that are born in the Web 2.0. Nowadays, everything goes online, including hardware jobs. They are more like the extension of your hobbies. Isn’t that cool? Odesk is where you can find all kinds of projects that you can finish online. If you use the keyword “pcb“, “solder” or etc, you will find lot of related opportunities. You will be amazed by how much people are willing to pay for certain project and task. This is just one example. It is free to register. You can just see yourself.

soldering jobs from odesk

 Click here to register on Odesk for free to see for yourself

*Odesk becomes Upwork since 2015. Here is the reference.

Work for yourself

Odesk Again(get extra help so you spend more time with your hobby)

To work for yourself is always fun. Especially, it is for your hobby. You can offer pcb service, repair shop and etc. It could even be fixing someone’s soldering station. Anything you can think of that is related to your electronics niche.  But, a small business owner has lots of things to take care of and only have 24 hours a day. You want to minimize the time you spent on the stuff that is not your interest such as replying email, write the workflow, manage the inventory. What is the solution? Let someone else do it for you. On Odesk, you can find pretty high-calibre people with reasonable price. Again, you have to check it yourself so you can believe it.

Click here to register on Odesk for free

Your Website(the new face of your business)

A small investment in a website goes a long way. Facebook and Linkedin offer the free services. Why do you need your own website? The problem with these free services is that the account could be taken down for any reason. Usually, against terms of services whatever you agree when you sign up the account. As a serious business owner, you do not want that to happen. That is why it is very difficult to find a reputable business without a decent looking website. But,  isn’t that expensive? It could be. If you ask around, you will get the price ranging from a few hundreds dollar to a few thousand. Plus, all the maintenance afterwards. You have lots of things to worry about such as domain name, hosting company, CMS, website theme, and etc. Lots of technical stuff you need to take care before you can set up your website. But, there are a few companies provide all these as a whole package and charge you very little. Plus, all the work they put in the user interface makes it so user-friendly that as long as you know how to use PC or MAC, you should have no problem with setting up a professional website for yourself for very little money(tens of dollars a year) and with very little time. Here, we would recommend this website builder, Jimbo.

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If there is enough interest(you can contact us here), we can do a free step by step tutorial for you about how to set up a website within 5 minutes for your hobby project or small business. It is not as difficult as you think.

If you are an electronics hobbyist, we wish you can spend as much time as possible on your hobby. We write this post and hope to give you some ideas to monetize your hobby so that you can invest more on your hobby. Thank you.


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