Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope Review

Introduction to Tektronix

Tektronix is one of the renowned American manufactures of test equipment and devices, founded in 1946. In late 1950s, Tektronix started a new trend in oscilloscopes and introduced plug-in capability. Later on, company has vast range of other electronics equipment like waveform generator, DC Power supply, Spectrum analyzer, Digital Multi-meters and RF Signal Generator etc. Here, we do a Tektronix digital oscilloscope review.

Detailed Features

TBS 1000 is the series of oscilloscope by Tektronix which is more versatile and meet customer’s demands with more creative and innovative technologies. It has today’s leading specifications with embedded designs and more powerful and developed trigger functions. It has capabilities of board analysis. 1052B is a powerful collaboration of quality and performance with its 50MHz bandwidth, 2 analog channels, offers 2.5k point record length on all channels and maximum sampling rate of 1GSa/S. It has advanced triggers which include pulse and line-selectable video triggers.


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It provides 34 automated measurements. Time and frequency domains can be monitored simultaneously by its dual window FFT. It has extended features of built-in waveform limit and plot testing. Dual channel frequency counter, modified zoom function, automated data logging features which provides more flexibility and auto-ranging feature makes it more unique and advanced. It has multiple language user-interface and built-in-context-sensitive help feature. It provides active TFT color display with 7 inches WVGA (800×480). It comprises of two USB ports on the front for plugging in USB flash stick and other one on the back to connect with PC. By pressing measure button, you will get access to one of the most interesting feature “Snapshot” by which you can get all the possible measurements data being displayed on the screen as a snapshot. So you don’t need to worry about calculating all the values separately. (The post, Tektronix 1052B digital oscilloscope review, is by whichsolderingstation.com) The scope is lighter in weight, so you can carry it anywhere with more ease and accessibility. The USB port on the front provides you with the flexibility of saving the screenshots and waveform data into the device. By using the infinite mode you can save the triggered waveform in external USB device. If the signal is good, pass/fail data can be determined using the Limit Test Feature. It has intuitive user interface which provides dedicated vertical-controls which makes this instruments more flexible and easy to use. It has input sensitivity range of 2mV to 5V/div, offers input coupling i.e. AC, DC and GND. It can have optional GPIB interface. It has normal, auto and single sequence trigger modes. This scope is very useful and most appropriate for a small home lab.


With the advancement in Oscilloscope technology, there is a huge market competition to provide the best and more reliable devices. Tektronix 1052B is designed for high performance while considering the economics in consideration. It is very difficult to find such exceptional device in such low price range. Major applications include Electronic Circuit Test, Circuit of Mixed Signal Test, Relation between two or additional Signals and many more.


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