Top 10 Video Tutorials on How to Solder

Here is a list of video tutorials that we find on youtube to show you how to solder electronics. A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is probably worth 10x of that . We spent many hours to research in order to look for all these great video tutorials on how to solder correctly and properly. We list all the tutorials according to its difficult levels, if you are able to go through all the levels, you should be pretty good at soldering. Without further ado, let us start.


Level 1 (for beginner)

Here is a basic soldering tutorial that could be divided into 4 sections. From the beginning, it is about how to solder step by step a wire or wires (electrical wires). Starting around 3:00m, it starts talking about how to solder electronic components. Around 4:22, it shows how to fix a cold solder joint. The last part(starts around 5:15) is about soldering a very thick wire. The video from electronhacks show a few basic skills that anyone serious about soldering should master.


This is a video from EEVblog. The whole video is focused on through hole component soldering on a pcb or electronics board. It shows you step by step how to solder circuit board components like IC in PDIP package and resistors.


This video from expertvillage shows the proper ways to remove the solder from circuit boards. One way is to use solder wick. The other is to remove with solder vacuum.

solder wick

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Level 2(SMD soldering)

This is another video from eevblog. At the beginning, it shows an example on how to solder 603 capacitor. Starting from 13:55, IC with many pins. Use bevel tip to drag solder.


Here is another video from Sparky’s Widgets about the SMD soldering. The first half of the video about removing a big chip with many pins off a small circuit board. The 2nd half is focused on drag soldering.

How to solder QFN package

This package has leads directly under the package. So, you can not drag solder it. One way is to use a combination of solder paste and heat gun to solder the QFN IC onto the PCB. The other way is to first tin the QFN pads on PCB and then use heat gun to solder it. With this method, you will need a hot air preheating station to achieve optimal results. The following two video explain it in details.(credits to EEVblog and CuriousInventor)

Kester Solder Paste

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Aoyue preheating station

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Level 3(advanced tricks)

How to do SMD soldering more efficiently. Here is a video from mikeselectricstuff with a few pretty neat tricks.


Micro Soldering(soldering under microscope)

That is right. Nowadays, everything becomes so compact. The electronics components become so small that you have to solder under microscope with many applications. Here is a video from ifixit to give you a bit taste of mirco soldering. Things look amazing under microscope!


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How to solder with lead free solder

With lead free solder, you need to use higher soldering temperature. It is a bit more difficult to work with lead free solder. But, it is manageable. Here is a video from Tinman Electronics shows the comparison between the regular solder and lead free solder.

Want more soldering tutorials?

In a previous post,  we talk about how to do amazing SMD soldering in details. We also recommend a few useful products to facilitate the SMD soldering. Here is the post link.

Magic? How to solder without a soldering iron?

First, is it even possible? The answer is yes. But, the end result will be as good or reliable as the one you do with soldering iron for sure. Here is one video from tsbrownie show you how to do it. Caution. Using lighter to do this is dangerous. Stay safe. Try this at your own risk.


What? You come here to learn how to solder copper pipe?

Well, this post is all about electronics soldering. But, since you are here, here is potentially a good video from coppervideo that shows you how to do it.

Above is the list of video tutorials on how to solder we can find for you. As said, practice makes perfect. No difference for soldering. If you want to master soldering skills, please practice after watching all these videos. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let us know. Good luck.