Weller LED Soldering Iron Review

Many hobbyists who enjoy arts and crafts projects or individuals who frequently perform do-it-yourself jobs around their homes often find use for a soldering iron. Since its founding more than seventy years ago in 1940s, Weller Manufacturing Company has remained a renowned manufacturer in the soldering industry and is known as an experienced producer of soldering irons which prioritize safety and ease of use. Let us review some of its soldering irons.

Detailed Review

weller_soldering_ironWeller soldering irons are available in a variety of models which are optimized for different consumer uses. These soldering irons‘ watt production ranges from 25 watts to 80 watts. Weller Manufacturing Company offers a 25 watt iron which produces up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, along with a 40 watt iron and an 80 watt iron, both of which produce up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Weller soldering irons differ in watt production and tip size; each iron’s tip is a different size in order to be used more efficiently depending on the projects for which the buyer will be using their iron.

The 25 watt iron has a 3 millimeter tip that makes it an excellent choice for repairing smaller appliances and electronic items. The 40 watt iron is equipped with a 6 millimeter tip and sold with included spare tips measuring 3.2 and 0.8 millimeters. Weller also produces 80 watt irons, which have a 10 millimeter tip. Weller’s 40 and 80 watt soldering irons are ideal tools for joining bigger wires and working with other large items. Regardless of their wattage, every Weller soldering iron is crafted with three long-lasting LEDs. All Weller soldering irons also come with a seven year limited warranty that primarily covers defects in the iron’s craftsmanship and function.

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Weller Red Soldering IronOne of the best things about Weller soldering irons is their versatility. Because Weller offers many different iron models that are available in a wide range of tip sizes and watt production capabilities, consumers are able to find a Weller product that accommodates any project which requires them to use a soldering iron. Another notable asset of these irons is their ease of use. Weller soldering irons are specifically designed with accessibility and safety in mind. They are equipped with a non-slip handle that reduces muscle fatigue in users’ hands and an ergonomic triangular design which allows users to maintain maximum control over the iron’s tip at all times during use. Despite the many positive aspects of Weller soldering tools, there are notable cons to the irons as well. Some customers have complained that the tip of their Weller soldering iron fell apart or distorted when they used it on certain materials or the iron itself stopped working after an extended period of time. Corrosion of the iron has also been a prominent issue for some users. Fortunately, the iron’s seven-year warranty covers most of these defects.


Weller soldering irons are designed for beginners or amateurs in the field of soldering who strive to be able to fix things around their home, complete simple DIY projects, or use a soldering iron for arts and crafts hobbies. On top of their safety and ease of use, Weller soldering irons are available at low prices. They can be found online at reputable online shops such as Amazon. Could they the best soldering irons you are looking for? We may not know. But, it is definitely worth looking into. Hope this post from whichsolderingstation.com helps you find your next soldering iron. If you have any questions, please let us know.