Weller WD1001 Soldering Station Review

Compared with the Weller WESD51, the Weller WD100X is more expensive and belongs to the high end station category. It comes in two flavors, WD1001 and WD1002. Both flavors have the same 85W WD1 power unit. WD1001 has a 65W iron pencil that has a very short tip to grip distance. It is great for precision work. In the meantime, it packs enough power to handle high power PCBs or 12 gauge copper wire. WD1002 on the other hand is more suitable for big geometry job with its bigger iron.


We prefer WD1001 version due to its light soldering pencil. The tip is screw on and very easy to change. A tip costs about $10+ . This is reasonable for high-end station.

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The Weller WD1001 station has a 65W WMP soldering pencil. Its temperature ranges from 150 Degree F to 850 Degree F. Temperature stability is about ± 9F (or ± 5C). Its heat up time is very impressive. It goes from 150F to 650F in 12 seconds. So, you turn it on, grab your solder. The thing is almost there. It is just fast.

You can set it in either °F or °C. unit. Also, you can preset frequently used temperature settings to quickly change the soldering temperature. In the lab environment, it is also useful to set a temperature lockout so that the temperature setting cannot be accidentally changed by other operators.

Soldering pencil and Tip

The iron is compatible with LT/NT series Weller soldering tips. It is screw on and very easy to change. The heating element is built into the iron handle rather than the tip to reduce the tip replacement cost. With that, the tip costs about $10+. It is reasonable for high-end station. But, on average, it is slightly more expensive than that of the Hakko FX-951. In order to extend the life span of the tip, you can program the auto-off time of 1 to 99 minutes before temperature settings go back to idle mode.

ESD safe

The soldering tip is grounded to prevent any accumulation of the charge to damage the device during soldering. Furthermore, the soldering Pencil is made from high-impact ESD plastic for protection too.

Other features

Iron stand has adjustable tilt angle in four positions to hold the soldering pencil.


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In all, we would highly recommend this model to people that who want super fast heat up and thermal recovery time and OK with spending a a little more money on soldering tips over the long run.