Weller WLC100 Soldering Iron/Station Review

The manufacturer of the soldering brand, Weller, Apex Tool Group, is one of the leading companies in terms of hand and power tools, drill chucks, chain, and electronics soldering products. Based in Maryland, USA, the company is known for its innovative designs and durable products. One of its products under the Weller brand is the WLC100.

General Introduction

Both the on/off switch and the power control knob are located at the front panel of the soldering station. The station also has a built-in ironholder and a sponge tip cleaning pad. It has a lightweight, pencil soldering iron with a cushioned foam grip for maximum comfort. The handle is designed to enable the heating element to be replaced easily. Users are ensured to the safety of this product, given the proper handling and maintenance. Included in the package is the ST3 soldering tip that belongs to the ST series; these are soldering tips that last longer than ordinary iron tips. Tips are made of copper but is double-coated with iron. The ST series is an 8pc general purpose soldering iron tip set that is sold separately from WLC100.

Output Power and TemperatureWeller WLC100 Soldering Station

WLC100 has variable output power from 5 to 40-watts depending on the knob setting.  The temperature of the ceramic heating element is adjusted using the power setting knob which increments/decrements numerically from 1 to 5. Setting the knob at “5” takes some time (depends on the actual application) to heat up to its final temperature. Therefore, WLC100 is a power controlled type of soldering iron which uses a rotating knob to change its output power which in turn changes the temperature of the soldering tool.  It should be noted that its power control knob works like a light dimmer. There is no temperature feedback from its tip.

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Other Reviews

According to the positive reviews from Amazon, people like WLC100 for its long lifespan mainly because of its manufacturer’s credibility in making durable products. In all fairness, the life of any product really depends on proper handling and care.


In all, Weller WLC100 soldering station is a solid product that has a good reputation for being durable. It could be a perfect choice for lot of electronics hobbyists on a relatively low budget. However, since this is not a temperature controlled soldering iron (no thermal feedback loop to control the temperature of soldering tip). It is recommended not to use for the professional purpose, such as soldering SMD ICs. If you are interested in other soldering irons, please check our other reviews here. Thank you.