Weller WX101X Series Soldering Station Review

The Apex Tool Group, headquartered at  U.S., is a supplier for power and hand tools. It owns one of the best soldering brands, Weller. The Weller WX101X series is one of its latest offerings for advanced soldering stations.


Weller WX1010,WX1011 and WX1012

And some of those quality soldering stations are the Weller WX1010,WX1011 and WX1012. Though they belong to the same product line, they have different features that are designed for specific purposes. Let us dive deeper to review their features and find out their similarities and differences so you can determine which station suit your needs best.


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Common Features

Let’s start evaluating these models by understanding their similarities. All three models take the 120V supply voltage and have a WX1 power supply that operates up to 200-watt soldering pencil. WX1 power unit has a large graphic LCD display and a capacitive glass touch screen that is resistant to chemical and temperature, so you don’t have to worry about messing it up while working. They are designed to offer a very short heating up time to give you more working time and less time to wait. They are also made with a multi-language menu navigation making it easier to use especially for users that cannot understand the default language. In addition, to protect sensitive components, they are designed to be ESD safe. In terms of handles, units are all made with an ergonomic handle design to promote comfort.

Credits to presslabus(this is actually WX2; but it gives you feels about its soldering pencil and touch screen)


Now, let us talk about the difference among all those models. The major difference of three models is they use different types of soldering irons (pencils). So, distintic soldering tips are used by different models. WX1010 uses (a 120 watt pencil) that takes XT series soldering tips. WXP120 pencil can easily solder both small and large parts that need high power. XT series soldering tips cost around $15, which is reasonable. Furthermore, the WX1010 includes WDH51 handpiece holder for the soldering iron. WXP 120 soldering iron or pencil

The WX1011 is made for soldering smaller things. It utilizes the RT series cartridges which are very thin soldering pencils. This is perfect for work that requires the use of microscope.

Furthermore, the WX1012 works with the WXP 65 soldering iron which uses the XNT soldering tips. You can buy them for about $15. You can purchase all parts, the soldering iron, tips, the power unit and the stand all together or purchase them individually, depending on your budget and your needs.Though the WX101X are all in the same product line, they are designed with different unique features, to meet and satisfy the users’ soldering needs.

Which to choose

Therefore, in choosing the right model ideal for you, you have to consider two important things. First, it is your budget. Well, there is no point to buy something that is way beyond your budget. Second, what kind of parts you will often solder. Large parts or lots of small parts, such as SMD. We hope that we get you closer to the best soldering iron or soldering station you are looking for with your next project.