X-Tronic 3020-XTS Soldering Station Review

Know the company

X-Tronic International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of tools for electronics professionals and hobbyists, supplying soldering irons, soldering stations, hot air rework stations, and multi-function stations to hobbyists and professionals in the US. From their national distribution center in Lincoln, NE, they strive to earn their high reputation for quality and customer service.

3020xts Soldering station

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The model 3020-XTS is a solidly constructed, high quality 75 Watt soldering station with several useful features, including digital control of the soldering temperature. It has a stainless steel iron stand, an ergonomic 75-Watt soldering iron, and a dial control on the base unit for temperature control. Simply turn the base on, turn the knob until the blue digital display reads the temperature you want, and the iron heats to that point, within 2.0°C / 3.6°F. Just after the temperature is set, the display switches over to display the tip’s current operating temperature. The temperature can be set to any desired point in the range from 200 – 480°C / 392 – 896°F. The display can be easily set to display and use either the Celsius or Fahrenheit scales.

There is a long silicone cord between the base unit and the soldering iron that is heat-resistant and virtually memory-free. The power cord from the base to the wall plug is about 50″ long. The base has a sponge and a brass sponge tip cleaner, with a supply of cleaning flux in the brass sponge’s tin. There is also a convenient reel for a spool of solder that can be attached to the side of the base, though solder wire is not included.

3020xts_spongeThe 3020XTS comes with only one soldering tip. But, a variety of tips are available from their website. Also, they are also compatible with some of tips made for Hakko irons.

This system uses PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) Technology to regulate the soldering tip temperature. This cycles every 20 milliseconds to read the temperature of the soldering tip, and adjusts itself smoothly to maintain the temperature that the operator has set it for, regardless of workload. It also heats to operating temperature very quickly, going from room temperature to operating temperature within tens of seconds seconds.

This soldering station also features an automatic cool down cycle and a automatic sleep function. If the hot iron has been in the stainless steel holder for 10 minutes, the base automatically switches itself to sleep mode to prevent the heating element from burning out. It is protected from ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage to the ICs.


This high quality soldering station uses standard 110V/120V – 60 Hz current. It is not available for 220V applications. It also comes with one full year Fix/Repair Guarantee after purchase. X-Tronic 3020 have been discussed in many electronics forums. We think that this soldering station is a great choice for many electronic soldering project.

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